Oct 282013
Teacher Content Resources by Teaching English Learners

Teaching English Learners is an excellent new site which provides a library of resources and materials for classroom and ESL teachers who teach English language learners.  The site was designed by Lise Regan and Ron Rohac.  The resources and materials are designed to help educators with their sheltered instruction needs (SIOP and SDAIE).   Teaching English Learners is here to support educators with instructional strategies and content materials that help […]

Oct 232013
How to create your own clip art with Pixlr

  Pixlr is a fantastic free cloud-based photo editing tool.  The logo on this website was created using pixlr.  Other images I’ve created were done using Pixlr too.  After discovering an article on Illustratortips (creating your own clip art using Photoshop), I wanted to see how well the concept would work with Pixlr.  So, I modified the idea to fit Pixlr and now am going to share with […]

Oct 102013

Tiggly Shapes with iPad game is a new product that will be in Apple Stores very soon.  I recently came across the product while doing research.  Tiggy Shapes are geared toward toddlers 18 months old to three years old.  They combine the much needed real-life tactile learning experiences with technological learning.   The premise of the product is having real tactile shapes that toddlers can […]

Oct 082013

This article was originally published by MultiBriefs for TESOL International Association’s English Language Bulletin.      Working memory is crucial to learning.  It is the human mind’s processing of information to complete tasks.  Working memory plays into deciding which information to remember and which information is not important. When people have problems with their working memory, they struggle with retaining […]

Oct 052013
Media Literacy: How to (and why we should) Teach a Music Video

Students respond to meaningful texts. I have found this to be true with traditional texts, with poetry and prose and art. I have also found this to be true for media texts. I bring in media messages that cause me to pause and question and think and usually find the same pieces are compelling for […]

Oct 042013
Five Minute Friday- Teaching Free Writing

On adaptivelearnin I have featured Five Minute Friday bits as examples to help you (teachers) incorporate free writing practice.  Students often struggle with writing anxiety.  Five Minute Friday is a way to help students learn how to write freely without stress and restrictions.  I’m excited to start this feature again. Here’s what you need to know to participate in Five […]

Aug 212013
Apps for English language learning: Intro to photo editors

This article was originally published by MultiBriefs. Written by Beth Crumpler ESL instructors can use photo-editing apps for unconventional purposes, such as for instructional support, for learning outcomes or to bridge the gap between the classroom and home studies. Photo-editing apps can tremendously change how students see information and how they study. Photo-Editing App Basic […]

Mar 222013
TESOL 2013 Presentation- ESL Instruction: Developing Your Skills as a Master Conductor

    March 21, 2013 I presented “ESL Instruction: Developing Your Skills to Become a Master Conductor” at the TESOL 2013 International Convention and English Language Expo.  I had a blast!  Below I am sharing the PowerPoint and handouts from my presentation.  I’m also including a checklist that I did not include in my presentation. […]

Mar 112012
10 Techniques: Teaching Language as a Classically Trained Musician

I admit that my language teaching methods are sometimes unique, quite amusing to others and different. My methods make sense to me. When other teachers see me teach, I often am asked where I have learned certain instructional techniques. My answer to this question is easy, I did not really learn the technique from any one source, […]

Sep 302011
Why Teachers Should Join Twitter...What I have Learned as a Twitter Newbie

Okay, I admit that I rebelled against joining Twitter for the longest time.  I had friends and family members urging me to join.  I often said, “Why should I join another social networking site?  I have not used MySpace for a while  and am quite happy with Facebook.”  Those who were part of the Twitter […]

Sep 012011
Sight Word Acquisition Book and Accompanying MP3 Files

(Update: Due to requests I have made the MP3 files now downloadable.  In order to download the files, please follow the instructions provided above the MP3’s.) Parents of ESL students I have worked with have had trouble facilitating their children with homework assignments, especially with sight words.  They have informed me that they have not […]

Oct 042013

Digital voice recorders are awesome devices to use with students of all ages and learning needs.  They are small inexpensive portable instruments that can be used easily by students even as young as 5. <iframe src= “″ width=”960″ height=”1300″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no” marginheight=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ style=”overflow: hidden;”></iframe>

Oct 012013
Technology and Education 101

Technology has undoubtedly reshaped the norms of education. It has made learning an easier endeavor for all. Now, no matter whether you want to learn a particular subject or you want to earn a degree, with the help of technology, it is no more a matter of concern. Just switch on your laptop or iPad […]

Sep 232013
Apps for English language learning: Photo apps for customized learning content

This article was originally published by MultiBriefs. Written by Beth Crumpler This is the second article in a series about using general mobile apps for instructional uses inside and outside of the language classroom.  A general app in this case refers to any app that was not specifically designed for language acquisition purposes.  The series […]

Aug 222013

Welcome back to a new school year.  To help you with finding content to use as you are planning, here are some back to school freebies for lower elementary grades and ESL.  These are the ones I could locate quickly, so I’m sharing them.  I will be going through my resources and will share more […]

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