Jennifer Goen

Jennifer Goen graduated from the University of Florida with an English degree and a Masters in Education and now teaches high school English in Northern Virginia. When she's not chasing her two toddlers or grading stacks of A.P. English Language and Composition essays, she is curating her tumblr at or planning her next English elective to offer to her students at the alternative school where she teaches. In the last few years she's taught courses on Media Studies, Women in the Media, Western Films, and the-very- popular-with-students Research, Reading and Writing about Whatever you Want, a problem-based learning class that gets students thinking, blogging, reading and creating about whatever they choose. For more about Jennifer, see .

Oct 052013
Media Literacy: How to (and why we should) Teach a Music Video

Students respond to meaningful texts. I have found this to be true with traditional texts, with poetry and prose and art. I have also found this to be true for media texts. I bring in media messages that cause me to pause and question and think and usually find the same pieces are compelling for […]

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