Announcing New Adaptive Learning Group on LinkedIn

Educators here is a new Adaptive Learning Group I started on LinkedIn.  Please join, network and collaborate.  Every educator is welcome.  The group is open to any educator to join.  But, the sharing and conversations will remain a private closed group once you have joined.   Let’s cross content areas and expertise to learn from each other.  This is a great way to do personal professional development and enhance your PLN.  LinkedIn is full of amazing educators like you!  Twitter for PLN is awesome but is limited to 140 characters.  The Adaptive Learning Group on LinkedIn is a place where you can have in-depth conversations, and share and collaborate more lengthy.  Come join!

The Group Summary:  “Sharing, Creating & Developing- An Adaptive Learning and Educational Materials Community”

The Group Description:  “Adaptive Learning is a community of educators for professionals of all skills and knowledge.  It is a community where educators everywhere, with experience from all age groups and expertise, can collaborate, share and network.  Educators often only network in their niche which sometimes limits professional growth.  This community is a place for networking across content areas and skills to maximize your PLN (Professional Learning Networks) and professional growth.”

See You There!