Education Quick & Short Animations via Goanimate that I Love

Image via CrunchBase

Several days ago I discovered  I’m sure many of you have heard of it.  It is a cartoon animation platform, where you can sign up and create short quick animations.  Goanimate is extremely easy to use. They have a free service as well as paid serves. I am currently using the free service and it works well for me. I will blog on this more later this week, but I want to share several of the fun education and learning animations I have found on their website.  I can’t embed the videos directly to WordPress, but can list the links for you.

Mr. Bach in Music Class by Jane Rivera

Water Cycle by James Maxwell

PROBABILITY by Helen Murray

Design Principles and GoAnimate by Steve Moore

The 13 Colonies by David Nichols

Let’s Go Animate Ourselves! by John Seymour

This is a funny one I created real quick in less than 5 minutes 21st Century Learning by adaptivelearnin