Five Minute Friday: Character Traits a Friend Should Have

It’s Five Minute Friday time!  Remember you too can join in this “writing flash mob” and/or do it with your students.  It’s a simple and quick free writing exercise.  Read my post introducing Five Minute Friday for details on how to participate.  Also, check out how to incorporate Five Minute Friday with creating interactive posters for the “Writing Process”.

Set aside five minutes of free writing time to join me on writing about “Friend”, today’s topic.  Remember I’m applying my Five Minute Friday posts toward education and work, but you can write about anything about “Friend” that sparks your interest.


Character is important and has become a focal-point of education in schools.  This is a topic that is a bit difficult to write about from an education standpoint in paragraph style for a Five Minute Friday free writing activity.  Instead of approaching the remainder of this Five Minute Friday response in paragraph style, I am going to generate a list of one word responses related to character traits that a good quality friend should have.  Some of my closest friends are from high school and college.  I will list character traits I have witnessed over the years that a good friend should have. 

Character traits of good quality friends:

  • trustworthy
  • honest
  • sincere
  • loyal
  • diligent
  • humorous
  • kind
  • compassionate
  • empathetic 
  • calm
  • confident
  • server
  • leader
  • gentle
  • generous
  • silly
  • confidant 
  • cordial
  • loving
  • friendly
  • tame
  • wise
  • witty 
  • available
  • giver
  • receiver
  • expressionistic 
  • mannered 
  • notable 
  • joyous
  • content
  • positive
  • respectful

Time is up!  Trying to think of one word responses in a short five minutes is harder than I thought it would be, but nonetheless I have generated some good words of valuable good quality friends.  Cherish these types of friends because they are precious and life-long.  Happy Friday!  


Note: During Five Minute Friday, you are not supposed to stop to make any edits.  Free writing without stopping is the purpose.  Notice there are errors in my Five Minute Friday writing above.  These errors will not be edited because editing them would defeat the purpose of Five Minute Friday.  Part of the reason I’m featuring Five Minute Friday on adaptivelearnin is to teach students how to write without anxiety.  I want them to see the errors to show them that errors are okay to make during free writing.  I want this to be an educational experience for them.  Feel free to use this or my other FMF posts as examples in lessons if you wish.  Happy Friday!