Five Minute Friday- “Ordinary” Education

My classroom in Frieze (Photo credit: churl)

Last week, I introduced the NEW Five Minute Friday series I will be completing on adaptivelearnin.  Check out the link above to my post from last Friday to see what it is and how it works.

I’m doing Five Minute Friday on adaptivelearnin to promote free writing.  I’m doing it so that you can see how fast and easy it is to do with students.  Student writers often struggle with writing anxiety.  Through weekly ongoing work with Five Minute Friday you will teach your students and children how to loosen their writing anxiety, and teach them how to write their free thoughts without worry.  This will make them better writers.  It will also teach language learners how to get past the anxiety of being perfect in producing language. Instead, Five Minute Friday will help them focus on producing their language and thoughts without worry of errors which is a typical hindrance for them.

I’m also participating in Five Minute Friday, because as educators we all can benefit from creative writing.  We all have something to tell.  Five Minute Friday is a way of connecting with each other in sharing each other’s visions, each other’s experiences, each other ideas, and so on.

Please participate with me in Five Minute Friday.  The best reasons for doing this on your blog and with your students is that it is easy, it is quick and it is a powerful educational tool for teaching creative free writing.

This week’s topic for Five Minute Friday is “Ordinary”.  The goal is to write five minutes without stopping, without interruption, without distractions around me, and without editing or worrying about errors.  All Five Minute Friday posts on adaptivelearnin will be written through an education lens because that is the mission of this blog.

So, here’s what you do for Five Minute Friday…on your blog and with your students….


  • teachers who are okay with the status quo and don’t want to go the extra mile in reaching ALL students
  • instruction that is not full of energy, full of stamina, full of laughter, full of vision, full of motivation, and full of movement
  • instruction that does not push the boundaries with incorporating new technologies and adaptive means in reaching student students through their learning styles and needs
  • classrooms that are not full of life, color, student art, fascinating visuals, motivational visuals, Word Walls, and technology
  • classroom tasks that are old school and not done through student-centered means and pair/small group activities
  • education that is mundane and does not inspire students curiosity with a thirst to learn more
  • teacher and parent interaction that is usual and old school on saying what students are doing wrong and how to improve, instead new school interaction which is contacting parents too to praise their children on what things their did awesomely


That’s it!  That’s how easy and fast it is.  I have to admit that I feel that since I’m new at this I’m a bit slow in my thought process in getting my words down quickly… and I’m an educator!  This just proves that we all, even educators, can learn and grow from participating in Five Minute Friday.  I bet once I do this weekly, after time I will get must faster at brainstorming ideas. You don’t have to apply Five Minute Friday towards education-related thoughts like I have.  I’m just doing that because I’m writing on adaptivelearnin.  You and your students can write anything you want to about “Ordinary”.  That’s the beauty and freedom of Five Minute Friday.

I hope you join me!  Please let me know if you do.  Happy Friday!