Unilateral Voyage in Mission: “Possibility”

I wrote this several years ago for a school I worked at, as a thank you and goodbye.  And to say, “even though I’m leaving we are still in this vision together to reach and help students succeed.  We are in this journey together to support students in reaching their goals no matter the obstacles that may come.  We are still in this together supporting each other regardless of obstacles that may come before us.  We are in this together because we have vision.  We may not see the outcome but we have a mission and a dream together.  We hold hand in hand with faith believing in the vision and believing in possibility.  Even though I may be physically leaving, I am still with you.”  

Later colleagues at my former school informed me that this poem was adopted as the mission statement of the school for the following school year.  I was deeply humbled and honored.  

Life throws curve balls at us sometimes.  Sometimes we get so busy with life that we don’t take time to stay in contact with those who mean so much to us.  Life happens, obstacles come and sometimes we lose track of our unified vision.  We lose focus in helping and supporting each other hand in hand.  We try to do it alone but will not succeed.  We need each other.  We need community.   

I recently was reminded of this poem because of getting in contact again with some former awesome colleagues and friends.  We have connected through our PLNs.  I’m excited to not only support these former colleagues and friends, but am also thrilled to be walking hand in hand in vision with my entire PLN.  

I’m sharing this poem to thank my former colleagues and to thank my PLN.  We are in this together dreaming and believing in possibility.  This is my heartfelt, “Thank you!”   And to say, “I’m here in it with you.” 

Written by Beth Crumpler

Public Domain Image

 Possibility reigns,

within our dreams,

propelled by vision,

a venture upstream.

Public Domain Image

With course set,

and oar in hand,

drifting forward,

exploration commands.

Relationships flourish,

with all on board,

for when “we” is said,

“I” is ignored.

Public Domain Image

With unilateral compasses

we voyage ahead,

on mission to achieve,

where passions lead.

Public Domain Image

 Obstacles will appear,

rocks halt our directive,

but together we maneuver,

toward our goal in perspective.

The path may be altered,

as life deals what it must,

but we will not forfeit,

so journey on we thrust.

 Toward the vision in distance,

blurry as it appears,

with blinded faith we continue,

uninhibited by our fears.

Public Domain Image

 Walking on water,

 hand in hand,

trusting that all things are possible,

with belief in command.

Public Domain Image

Reaching all realms,

our success is imminent,

to dream is to live abundantly,

when vision is prevalent.

The first image above is by Beth Crumpler. All other images are public domain, with no attribution. Links to  the sources are provided out of courtesy. Click on the pictures to reach the original source.


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