Blogging From the Kindle Fire Using the New WordPress Application


Update:  After writing this post on my Kindle Fire, I did have to go to on my laptop to recheck grammar and spelling.  I also used my laptop to upload pictures of the WordPress Application on my Kindle Fire.  All other content from this post I drafted on my Kindle Fire.

WordPress’ Kindle Fire application has just been just released.  I have decided to write a post on my Kindle Fire using the App to see how well it works while blogging. The Kindle Fire Android App is the same Android App as the new WordPress for Android 2.0 App. My roundup…here goes!

Using the Touchscreen Keypad
Blogging and typing on a computer whether it be desktop or laptop is easier than typing on the touch screen pad of the Kindle Fire.  The touch screen in the WordPress Application works just like the one in the Aneroid Smartphone system…they are basically one in the same.  Blogging from the Kindle Fire is easier than typing and blogging on an Android mobile smart phone since the keypad is bigger for the touch and response of fingers in action.  The autocorrect function when you are typing in the Android system is nice. Since the Kindle Fire is touchscreen, as is an Android phone, making typing errors is higher than with blogging from a computer with a keyboard.  Using the touchscreen slows down the speed of completing a blog post.  While typing this on my Kindle Fire I made many typing errors due to the touchscreen.  I was able to speed this up a little with the autocorrect feature and correction options. I’m a fast traditional typer and the slow response of a touch screen keypad is somewhat frustrating.  Although I might endure some frustrations with touchscreen keypads, I still love the technology.

Some Typing Features
Underlining content in a post such as here is easier than underlining using a desktop or laptop computer.  All I did to underline here was the quick press of my finger on the underline Icon.  To turn off the underlining feature I just pressed the button quickly with my finger.  The method of using this typing feature is much quicker and easier than blogging in WordPress from a traditional computer, which requires the use of the mouse or Alt key.  Using bold text, striking through text and using italics uses this same principle of being easier to do blogging on the Kindle Fire touchscreen.

The WordPress Kindle Fire App has a More Icon to press and use.  I am going to press it here to see what it does.

I’m not sure what that did!  I’ll figure it out later!

Adding Links
wordpress– This link to is added to see how linking on the Kindle Fire App works.  Adding a link on the Kindle Fire’s WordPress App is just as easy as  adding one from the WordPress Android phone application.  Adding a link on the Kindle Fire Application is easier than adding one from a desktop or laptop using WordPress.  Using WordPress on a computer and adding a link requires typing the text in the HTML setting and then highlighting on the text and clicking on the link Icon.  On the Kindle Fire App all I did was click my finger on the link Icon.  I then typed in the link website address and the name I would like the link called, as is always done no matter which device you are blogging from.  Here is a quick easy link to my blog adaptivelearnin.

Adding a video and photo just takes the press of the finger.  This is easier than the tedious process of uploading multimedia, or  linking to content on WordPress using a traditional computer.

This picture was a Doodle done by my 1-year-old from the Picasso Kindle Fire application that I saved on my Kindle Fire.  I just pressed the photo Icon, visual options appeared, I quickly scrolled through them, and  clicked on this picture which uploaded it. Very Easy!

This is a quick overview of blogging from WordPress’ Kindle Fire App.  Overall blogging from a desktop or laptop computer is quicker with typing.  The WordPress Kindle Fire App works like the Android phone App but is easier to use.  In comparison of blogging from the Kindle Fire WordPress Application to blogging from these other methods, using typing features, correcting misspelled words, and adding links and multimedia is easier and faster.  I still enjoy blogging best from my laptop, but my laptop is bulky and not always with me on the go.  Blogging from a Kindle Fire has the upper hand when blogging on the go in a place that has wi-fi, from bed or other place that is easier than using a laptop. Or, writing a blog where you plan to use many links, video or pictures since attaching those using the Kindle Fire is much easier.

That’s the roundup of my first attempt with blogging from the new WordPress Kindle Fire App.  If you own a Kindle Fire, what do you think?


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