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unbroken by Beth CrumplerIt’s Five Minute Friday time!  Remember you too can join in this “writing flash mob” and/or do it with your students.  It’s a simple and quick free writing exercise.  Read my post introducing Five Minute Friday for details on how to participate.  Also, check out how to incorporate Five Minute Friday with creating interactive posters for the “Writing Process”.

Set aside five minutes of free writing time to join me on writing about “Broken”, today’s topic.  Remember I’m applying my Five Minute Friday posts toward education and work, but you can write about anything about “Broken” that sparks your interest.


Some say you are broken.  I speak to the contrary.  Some say you are limited and can’t do much.  I speak to the contrary and say you can.  Some say you have are not brilliant.  I speak to the contrary and say you are smart in your own right.  Some say you don’t have great abilities.  I speak to the contrary and say you can do anything you set your mind to.  Some think you are broken.  I speak to the contrary and say you are the “un” of “broken”.  You are whole in everything you are.  

When others say you are broken and not complete.  I speak to the contrary and say you are un-broken.  You are complete and capable of great things.  Broken means something that is in parts, not whole, incomplete, in fragments, scattered all over the place and the like.  To say this of you, is to say you are shattered and not a complete person.  Who has the right to say this?  Who has the right to judge?  No one!  I speak to the contrary!  I speak for you!  I speak standing up for you to those who say you are less…to those who judge.  

I advocate.  I take a stance for you!  Someone has to do it.  Someone has to believe in your greatest.  For although you may have challenges, that doesn’t mean you are broken.  Whenever anyone says anything less, remember you are the “un” of “broken”.  You are whole and completely you…completely capable of brilliance!  


Note: During Five Minute Friday, you are not supposed to stop to make any edits.  Free writing without stopping is the purpose.  Notice there are errors in my Five Minute Friday writing above.  These errors will not be edited because editing them would defeat the purpose of Five Minute Friday.  Part of the reason I’m featuring Five Minute Friday on adaptivelearnin is to teach students how to write without anxiety.  I want them to see the errors to show them that errors are okay to make during free writing.  I want this to be an educational experience for them.  Feel free to use this or my other FMF posts as examples in lessons if you wish.  Happy Friday!

Five Minute Friday

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  6 Responses to “Five Minute Friday: “Un” “Broken””

  1. Very encouraging and thought provoking. Thanks for sharing! Stopping by from FMF 🙂

  2. from another special educator ~ this is nothing less than marvelous! I love it!

    • Thanks Richelle. It was special education students I was targeting my thoughts to. I’m so thrilled you saw that as an educator. I however also tried to write this in the context to encourage any person who needs to hear it. The message can transcend to anyone who has had broken words spoken to them. All of use need encouragement in one way or another at times. I hope this inspires and encourages anyone who needs the encouragement. I mean every word! Happy Friday and blessings to you and your students.

  3. Hi Richelle! You stopped by my post earlier and said something about my talent… oh, but I broke all the rules of Five Minute Friday! I used to stick to them strictly, but now keep them very loosely. I agree that writing with abandon is so freeing…not worrying about edits. And you’ve done a great job getting your thoughts across in a free write. I applaud you. Thanks for sharing!

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