How Do We Prepare Students For Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet? – Edudemic

How Do We Prepare Students For Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet? – Edudemic.  This is a fascinating read. Please watch the video. Sir Ken Robinson makes interesting points.  The video is 11-12 minutes long and is full of content and points that you will will want to think about.  Make sure you watch it when you have time to sit back, think about and contemplate his points.  Is our modern education system out of date and not adequately preparing today’s students for their futures?  What will the future careers of today’s students look like?  Has the standardization of learning actually corrupted the learning potential and future of today’s students?  Are too many students being put on ADHD medications, not because they have ADHD but because the current standardized educational system is based on an old system and old train of thought- The Enlightenment and Industrialization. Therefore, by teaching our students based off an old system of thought and job preparation, we are actually doing them a disservice and are boring them. No wonder we think they have ADHD and need medicated.  Instead we need to revamp our entire beliefs in how we educate our students?  Do we need to revamp the entire educational system to better prepare our students…involving activities that actually interest and engage them, instead of medicating them.  What does this look like?  How do we prepare our students for future jobs that don’t even exist yet?  These are some of the questions I brainstormed after watching the video.  It is thought provoking and interesting.  This is a must watch.  Brainstorm, and use it as a personal learning activity.


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