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Technology has undoubtedly reshaped the norms of education. It has made learning an easier endeavor for all. Now, no matter whether you want to learn a particular subject or you want to earn a degree, with the help of technology, it is no more a matter of concern. Just switch on your laptop or iPad and carry on with your desired subjects at your own comfort. So, how do you think technology has actually aided the education sector in becoming a globalised concept?

When we were young, we seldom could think about studying without visiting schools and colleges. For us, missing a lecture would mean a lot of copying from our friends’ notebooks. We would often skip chapters and in examinations, we would get marks for what we could actually learn. But now, things have changed quite a lot.

Last week, one of my little cousin sister’s visited me. We were meeting after quite a long time and as always, we started chattering and giggling. In the mean time, I got to know that she had recently applied for an online degree course in one of the renowned universities in UK and she seemed to be pretty interested with the whole thing. As I am an Educationist, she wanted to know my views regarding her decision.

Our conversation went something like this:

Cristina: Do you think I have made a right decision by enrolling to an online MBA course?

Me: Absolutely Cris! And I am really happy that you at least have got to see the benefits of online education. I keep on telling my students that online education is the most viable option to carry forward studying and working at the same time.

Cristina: As you know Emily, I have also started working from a tender age due to some financial constraints at home, but I could never thought to spend my life without a higher education degree.

Me: You did just the right thing. And I am sure that you will be more than happy to carry forward your studies along with your work.

When I see people enrolling themselves in online courses and going through the same absolute seamlessly, I only feel that how technology has actually helped all of us in certain ways. Education is probably the most important endeavours for all of us. And when technology has actually helped to break the constraints in getting a higher degree for many, we can do nothing but thank it for its help!

Not only the young learners but technology has helped the elders getting a degree at their old age as well. Learning has no age bar and technology has proved it by providing the same through various e-devices. Now, no matter where we are, what we are doing, to learn a thing, we can just switch on our phones or iPads.

A few years back, those who would take up a distance course would get neglected by their peers. People believed that a distance learner is a weak candidate who cannot cope up with regular studies. But now, things have changed. Taking up an online course along with work is a sign of letting everyone know that how good the candidate is in time management.

My sister Cristina is doing great with her work and study and I know a lot of others who came out of such situations with flying colors. Also, not only they got promoted in their workplaces, they have also incurred a lot of skills from their online study materials, which are updated with facts and figures.

The role of technology in promoting education is unparalleled. In this 21st Century, when we have every single thing within our reach, why not education as well? Why not make people educated by providing them the resources at their own comfort? These queries were indeed taken seriously by technology and it gave the solutions within a few years itself!

emily parkerPlease welcome our new guest contributor, Emily Parker.  Emily is an Educationist by profession based in London, UK. She is also a freelance Blogger and Writer on the web. She puts her own views on the global education sector in her write-ups and aims at making her readers aware of the changes going on in the same. She is also an E-learning enthusiast and she thrives hard to break the myths regarding online learning, thereby propagating its usefulness for the learners around the world.  To get in touch with her follow here on Twitter @EmilyParkerUK, or add her as a friend on Facebook or Google +.


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