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Thanksgiving is soon approaching here in the United States. This is a holiday that we stop and say what we are thankful for. Reflecting on things we are grateful for brings perspective and keeps us balanced. My PLN and readers have taught me so much in such a short time. The things I have learned have opened new doors for me and have been a game-changer for me in many ways. I am extremely grateful to all of you in my PLN and who are my blog readers.  You have been educators for me and friends . I thought since this is the season for thankfulness, I would post here on my blog the reasons why I am so thankful for my PLN and blog readers. So here goes…

  1. Meeting fabulous educated people with vision, dreams, determination, success, belief in others and tenacity.
  2. Meeting fabulous people who have awesome ideas that I can learn from but also who humble themselves to learn from others.
  3. Meeting fabulous people who believe in and support me, but who I can also believe in and support.
  4. Meeting fabulous people who can gracefully and elegantly call me out when I’m wrong or have made a mistake.  This way I can learn and grow.  We all make mistakes but it’s how we approach and handle those mistakes that shows true grace and elegance in character.  Thank you for being graceful to me when I make mistakes.
  5. Meeting fabulous people of character and integrity for themselves, their students, peers, co-workers and for their careers.
  6. Meeting fabulous people who don’t state they have all the answers,  because no one does, but who share their expertise when they can but also are willing to learn and mold themselves as well.
  7. Meeting fabulous people who can tell me whether ideas I have are great or whether my ideas…(for give me for this language)…suck!
  8. Meeting fabulous people who have taught me skills to use to pursue my dreams…dreams which are now literally unfolding.  I would not have these opportunities now, if it were not for what I have learned from my PLN and readers.  You have built my confidence.  Thank you.  You have taught me to pursue my dreams and not to give up.  I have pursued them and have lately been blessed immensely with opportunity.
  9. Meeting fabulous people who love some of the materials I have created and can use them to help the learning growth of their students.  I created these materials, not for my gain, but for student success…anyone’s students success.  It thrills me to know that these materials are making a difference in the learning of others who I don’t even know.  It’s about the students, so I am thrilled by any help these materials can be to anyone.
  10. Meeting fabulous people who just are fabulous people.

Thank you PLN and blog readers for teaching me, enlightening me, and being friends.  You have been a blessing and have enriched my life so much.  Thank you for opening the doors to my dreams!  Thank you for believing in me!  Thank you for being you!

What are you thankful for?  Why do you love your PLN?  What are you thankful for that you have learned?  Take this now as a blog challenge, or comment below…why you are thankful.  Take this time of Thanksgiving and let those who mean so much to you know why you are grateful for them.  (If you take this challenge, please let me know and @ me on Twitter @adaptivelearnin. I love to read blogs, comment and would love to give you credit for your writing by linking your blog here to my post.)


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