Glog from GlogsterScreenshot of Glog titled “Rethinking Posters: The World of Glogster EDU” created by username jhoertel

Several months ago I wrote a post about Glogster titled Glogster…so Cool! Create Glogs for your Classroom (Interactive Lessons).  If you haven’t read it, please do.  Today’s post is the long-awaited follow-up.  I know many of you have waited for this.

Today I received an email from Glogster EDU which explained changes to Glogster EDU’s services for educators.  These changes include limiting their free service and implementing a new yearly paid basic service for teachers.  Please do not give up on reading this post because I say “paid service”.  Trust me, you will want to read this entire post and view the great Glogster resources I have provided below.

The changes to Glogster EDU are explained on the email they sent me.  These changes can also be viewed at Glogster EDU services and pricing.  In order to view Glogster’s apologies and explanation for their service and pricing changes, please click this email link to view a copy of the email they sent me.  I think they make good points in their explanation.  There are teachers who did not like the advertisements on the previous free teacher service Glogster EDU provided.  These advertisements were viewable by students.  Now, if you buy the basic Teacher Light License for $29.95 a year, you will not have these advertisements.  I think $29.95 for what is included in the new Teacher Light service, which is usable by 50 student is still a great bargain and you don’t have to see the advertisements.  You can still use Glogster EDU free with their basic Single License to create Glogs.  The multimedia and features available for the Single License is limited, but if you don’t want to pay you still have this option.  If you use the free Single License, you will still see advertisements.  To view more of the features for the Glogster EDU licenses please click the Glogster EDU services and pricing link above.  I want to move on the to juicy and fun Glogster EDU resources I have included in this post.  If you are not familiar with Glogster EDU then these resources will help you.  If you are familiar with Glogster EDU, then you still will find relevant and useful resources below.

Towards the bottom of this post, I have included Glogs from multiple subject areas so that you can:

  • see what a Glog looks like
  • see how Glogs can be created for any subject
  • see how Glogs can be created in many ways…the options are endless
  • view the cool interactive features of a Glog
  • interact with some Glogs to see why they are so fun for students
  • see what some of the best Glogs look like
  • And just have fun!

Glogster is a cool and awesome platform to create interactive posters for lessons or to incorporate in lessons for students to create. Glogs can be used and/or created on computers, some touch screen computers, or Interactive Whiteboards.  I have provided resources to help get you started with Glogging.  To learn more about Glogster and the benefits of using it check out “What is Glogster EDU?” Here they list ways to use Glogster in the classroom and with students, key features, how you can share your Glogs with others, and the benefits of using it.

Glogster has a Teacher Ambassador Program. To learn more about this program check out the link. In order to become a Glogster Teacher Ambassador, you will need to send a proposal to them of two Glogs you created, a video of Glogs being used in your classroom, you participating in two professional development workshops, and so forth. Check the link for more details. Teacher Ambassador’s receive a 1-year free Glogster EDU Premium License and many other perks.

Here are some Slideshare presentations and YouTube videos to:

  • help you understand what Glogster is
  • help you understand what Glogs are
  • learn how Glogs are an awesome interactive format for you to use in your lessons
  • learn why students love Glogster and how to incorporate it into lessons
  • see how Glogs can be created for any subject area
  • provide step-by-step instructions for you to get started with creating a Glogster account
  • provide stey-by-step instructions for you to learn how to use Glogster
  • provide information on the features of Glogster
  • provide step-by-step instructions for you on how to create Glogs
  • provide stey-by-step instructions for you on how to embed multi-media content into Glogs
  • provide step-by-step instructions on how to publish Glogs
  • provide step-by-step instructions on how to share Glogs

Glogster has created its own Slideshare that gives a good overview on why teachers should use it, titled “Glogster EDU Education 2.0”.

Glogster EDU Education 2.0 [slideshare id=2902550&w=425&h=355&sc=no]

View more presentations from glogster

Maureen Davis has a great Slideshare available called, “Glogster EDU Tutorial”. She gives good insight into why Glogster is a good tool to use with students.

Glogster EDU Tutorial [slideshare id=8707415&w=425&h=355&sc=no]

There is a great “Glogster EDU Educator Resource Library” by Preston Hall Middle School.

Glogster Edu Educator Resource Library [slideshare id=3114781&w=477&h=510&sc=no]

JamStuart does the best Slideshare on “Getting Started with Glogster” with step by step instructions.

Glogster Directions [slideshare id=6652814&w=425&h=355&sc=no]

View more presentations from JamStuart

Here is a great YouTube Tutorial video on Glogster by Glogster. (While watching this video, please remember the services and some pricing for Glogster EDU has changed.) [youtube]

Here is a video of Glogster being used by a student to create a basic Glog on an Interactive Whiteboard. This video is shaky but is good to watch because you can see Glogster being used on an Interactive Whiteboard by a student. [youtube]

Here is a video of Glogster being used by 4th graders on computers to create virtual posters for an assignment. [youtube]

Here is a video of high school students doing a project required for graduation using Glogster. [youtube]

This video gives a great brief explanation of what Glogster is and how educators can use it. [youtube]

Here is a cool video called, “Glogster EDU: Capturing Student’s Excitement” with 6th graders. [youtube]

Here are some links to articles and blog posts that you will find helpful:

  • Rachel Warrick has created a good article called, “Using Glogster in the Classroom” with step by step instructions and visuals on how to get started with Glogster. She also provides links to great Glogs already created by teachers and considerations for teachers on using Glogster.
  • Many educators are huge on developing our PLN’s (Personal Learning Networks).  I am one of these PLN lovers.  A Wiki called Linking for Learning has a fantastic Glog on their website called Collaborating Worldwide. On this Glog they discuss and give links to PLN development. If you love PLN’s, you must check out this Glog. The link to this wiki also has other resources for PLN’s, which are useful.
  • Brenda’s Blog from Education World has a good post on Glogster with more links to Glogs and articles about Glogster. This post is worth checking out, titled Hooked on Glogster: Poster 2.0.

Glogs:  Below I have included examples of some wonderful Glogs.  I have tried to include Glogs from many content areas, so that you can see how Glogs can be used in any subject area that you teach.  The Glogs I have included are only a few examples of a huge library of public Glogs available on Glogster’s website.  If you go to Glogster EDU you can view many more wonderful interactive Glogs. 

Please note:  Glogs can’t be embeded into blogs.  The visuals of the Glogs below are screenshots of the Glogs.  In order to view the real Glog, click on the screenshot and it will link you to the real Glog.  I have included links to the profiles of the usernames of the creators of these Glogs.  The profiles of these usernames offer no further information on each Glog creators true name. 

Username “themachinegoeson” has great Glogs for English and Language Arts:

Vocabulary Panel

Glog from Glogster

Glog from Glogster

e-Treasure Hunt
Glog from Glogster

Glog by aingri1:  FreedomRiders This one is rated 5 stars on Glogster…very good.
Glog from Glogster

Glogs by KendraBethea:  Louis Armstrong
Glog from Glogster

Glog by Pengo21:  Ancient Greece
Glog from Glogster

Glog by tommy5000: The Cubes
Glog from Glogster

Glog by stinsol:  Canis Lupus: The Wolf
Glog from Glogster

Glogs by lredimarker:  Wind Turbine
Glog from Glogster

Glog by matt0987654321:  Solar Powered Cars
Glog from Glogster

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